nu glass humbly contributes to a better planet

Through our innovative solutions, by prioritizing sustainability, we're not only enhancing connectivity but also fostering environmental responsibility.  
Our commitment ensures that every step we take brings us closer to a more sustainable, interconnected future.


by retrofitting existing glass instead of replacing it, extending window lifetimes. Additionally, it eliminates the need for frequent replacement of repeaters, antennas, and the associated infrastructure.

Energy Consumption

Our passive glass solutions annually reduce electricity consumption by 28 MWh per train, equivalent to the yearly usage of 20 citizens. Additionally, our solution preserves window insulation, ensuring no impact on heating and air-conditioning system consumption in trains.


Our local solution brings us to your doorstep with a smart, portable setup. By centralizing production and sourcing parts from nearby suppliers, we minimize CO2 emissions associated with transportation and storage.

We also plant Trees with EverTreen

nu glass Contribution:

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